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Movies and www.real - Japanese Cougar Club 7. Cum get a tarot reading that will open your eyes to a whole new point of view about sex. This gypsy takes a look at her deck and reminisces of five couples that she's known. In scene one a beautiful girl breaks up with her boyfriend, but she finds comfort in the arms of her new lesbian lover!

Amy Young, fresh and ready to drain you dry! These wet behind the ears and between the legs cuties are just waiting to Go-The-Distance to get into your heart and into your pants!! They want what you're packing to fill their every desire... then spew your liquid lust all over their eagerly awaiting lips and bountiful breasts!

Fetish Escort Agency: Watch Goddess Soma in her top fetish agency in Los Angeles, as she puts a new model to the test. Teasing and punishing her in every way until she reaches orgasm. Erotic Rope Games: Master Liam runs a top notch bondage dungeon. Watch as his two clients Kitty Pause and Tiffany are teased and punished with their legs spread wide, arms bound, and breasts tightly tied. 1st Time Client: Mistress Mina has a new client, "Emily Addison". Who she is waiting to get her hands on. Emily is quickly tied and the eroticism starts. Soon the clothes are removed and Mina teases and punishes her. Emily is then hog-tied, and Mina gives her client exactly what she came for.

A selection of celebrities get behind the camera to take snapshots of their favorite Playboy models on this program. Among the artists struggling to focus are Bret Michaels from Poison, Jonathan Davis from Korn, former model Carmen Electra, comedian Artie Lange, and many others.

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